About Us

Welcome to the home of the Victorian Street Motard Riders club (VSMR)

The Victorian Street Motard Riders club (VSMR) is a supermotard oriented club that exists to provide a gathering point and represent the interests of street oriented supermotard riders in Australia. The club base is made up of a collection of like minded individuals interested in social street and track riding, taking part in trade displays, motorcycle shows and assisting where ever possible with the general development of this exciting new discipline of motorcycling. From its initial inception in 2004 as a primarily Victorian based organisation, the club has grown to have over 500 registered members representing a community from all major states in Australia as well as international members from the U.S.A, Europe and Asia.

The site hosts a forum with tens of thousands of articles posted in its various different topic areas, which includes conversation ranging from issues pertinent to the supermotard scene both locally and internationally through to general motorcycling commentary on a national basis, product reviews, disclosure of new product information and news from motorcycle shows and forums from around the world. The site’s active community continues to grow as time goes on, and generates millions of hits per year and hundreds of thousands of hits per month.

Most activity on VSMR takes place in the forums, so be sure to stay and have a chat with the locals.
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Have a browse on the public forums to begin with before REGISTERING to be able to see and post to all of the member community forums.

You can also check out all the pretty pictures in THE GALLERY! If you have any problems with registration or logging in, please send an email to [email protected]

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